CyberHammer: Tesla’s latest peripheral product, which is not for sell

Only 800 units of this CyberHammer are available in the beginning.

We know that Tesla will launch some peripheral products from time to time that will make people a little stunned, such as the limited-edition pf Tesla Teslaquila, and Tesla shorts specially used to mock investors who shorted Tesla stock, or the Cyberwhistle that was released not long ago, a medical grade stainless steel whistle. This time, Tesla is continuing the series with launching the CyberHammer.

As you can see from the appearance, CyberHammer has simplified the lines of Cybertruck. Naturally, the purpose of promoting this somewhat inexplicable product is to play with Cybertruck itself. When Cybertruck was released, the chief designer Franz von Holzhausen slammed the car door with a big hammer and there was no injury for the pickup at all. But for sure, everyone remembers the iron ball smashing through the glass.

Tesla said that this peripheral product is “only to give away, not for sell” and can only be exchanged with the accumulated points accumulated by car owners who recommend friends to buy cars. Only 800 units of this CyberHammer are available and released in small batches to avoid too many car owners with a large number of points. They sold out within a day, and it looks like they’re only available in North America.

There are many related peripherals of Cybertruck, such as the $50 stainless steel bottle opener CyberOpener, beer bottle CyberBeer and beer mug CyberStein, but unfortunately these items are currently not available on Tesla official website.

Interestingly, the CyberHammer trademark was registered by Tesla as “fitness equipment.” If so, would you use it for squats?


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