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Musk: Tesla will launch Robotaxi on August 8

Citing three people familiar with the matter and related information, Reuters reported that Tesla will cancel plans for an affordable electric car due to fierce competition. As soon as the news came out, Tesla’s stock price fell by more than 6% during the session. Musk later clarified on the X platform that there was no such thing, with saying Reuters is dying. Tesla’s stock price fell less, but still closed down 3.63%.

Not long after, Musk posted another post on the X platform, stating that Tesla would launch the driverless taxi “Robotaxi” on August 8. This news also caused Tesla’s stock price to rise by more than 6% after the market closed.

Musk has been talking about the self-driving taxi “Robotaxi” program in recent years, but so far, Tesla does not have autonomous driving Level 3 certification, and Musk has not yet provided further explanations on the latest progress of this program.

Musk announced earlier that new car owners in the United States will be able to try the fully automatic assisted driving system FSD for free for one month, and required employees in North America to demonstrate its functions to customers before delivering the car.


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