Protesters attacked Tesla’s factory in Germany, leading to the suspension of production

Tesla has garnered a significant following among consumers, but it has also faced opposition from various quarters. The majority of its opponents voice concerns about vehicle quality, systems, and other related issues, primarily through online platforms. However, there are some radicals who choose to express their dissatisfaction directly to the company. In a recent incident, protesters attacked Tesla’s factory in Germany.

Tesla is currently the leading electric vehicle brand in the market, although there are individuals and car owners who hold opposing views. It is common for people to express their complaints and grievances online or in social groups, but some take more extreme measures to directly communicate their dissatisfaction.

Recently, Tesla’s factory in Berlin, Germany, was targeted in an attack. The Volcano Group, a self-proclaimed organization, claimed responsibility for the attack. Their radical actions were motivated by their discontent with Tesla’s utilization of natural resources, labor, and vehicles, which they believe pose a threat to pedestrians.

Interestingly, the Volcano Group’s attack was conducted in a non-direct manner, focusing on power towers rather than the factory itself. This resulted in damaged circuits and a power outage, forcing the closure of the Tesla factory. Moreover, the surrounding towns also experienced power disruptions. In response to this incident, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, criticized the organization, referring to them as foolish for opposing electric vehicle production instead of advocating against internal combustion engines.


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