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The Chinese EV minivan is setting new records for charging speed

The MEGA Minivan from Li Auto provides quick charge like charging a smartphone.

The new released MEGA Minivan from Li Auto is available in the Chinese EV Market from March 1st. During a demonstration at a fast-charging station, the Mega went from nearly empty (under 10%) to 80% charged in only 10 minutes and 36 seconds, surpassing the charging speed of most smartphones.

While most EV owners charge their vehicles overnight at home, fast charging speed becomes crucial when on the go.

This impressive achievement is partly due to the Mega’s battery, which is supplied by CATL, a leading battery manufacturer in China. The minivan can handle a peak charging rate of 521 kilowatts (kW), more than double the capacity of the best Teslas available.

Li Auto’s MEGA minivan will enter the Chinese market with a price of approximately $83,000.


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